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With a very distinctive look, ONA by Agne specialises in making luxury knitwear and home-wear from chunky merino wool and has already built up a following locally. 

Inspired by her grandmother, Agne knits everything from chunky hats and scarves, to blankets and accessories, all in vibrant and contemporary shades. 
ONA by Agne
Slow fashion sustainable knitwear brand. We believe in shopping less, but better quality garments that will last for many seasons and focus on creating individual coherent quality pieces rather than collections. We source only natural and sustainable materials incorporating ethical practices through our supply chain this way reducing impact on the environment. 
Sustainable fashion for us is not only a trendy declaration today, it means daily unique processes to us - every time we use every little piece of wool we interpret differently, we are looking for unique, unseen solutions. Every day we improve our practices or try to make the most of classic favourite designs. Slow fashion is the true form of expression for what we love and what we believe in.Inspired by traditional craft we focus on contemporary aesthetics and minimalistic-boho design.